Yoel Bordas
Mothership, 2022




Yoel Bordas has been developing research on masculinities and is interested in contributing to the creation of visualities that allow the materialization of possible spaces in which masculinities other than the hegemonic ones can come to life. In the sculptural installation Mothership (2022) he pays special attention to the notion of territory and the strategies to build it. In the work he uses materials usually used for high-rise buildings and constitutes them into a tool-ecosystem seeking to enter into a relationship with its surroundings.


medium: wires, concrete, acrylic paint
dimensions: 34"x12×"8"

In recent years, Yoel has been questioning the relation of dominance between the hegemonic masculinities and the territories they occupy. He has built and painted new spaces with a more horizontal view, more organic in relation to one another, instead of the vertical, geometric, rigid and phallic structures built by hegemonic masculinity.


Yoel Bordas is an award winner at the 24th Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest of 2012 and was selected to participate a second time at the 28th edition of 2020. He was also selected for the 27th National Biennial of Visual Arts of Santo Domingo of 2012. He has participated in two art residencies and has exhibited in group and solo shows in Argentina and the Dominican Republic. For further background on the artist, please visit the website.


Yoel lives and works in the Dominican Republic.