Vesuhely Americaan
Apology , 2022



Vesuhely Americaan’s Palabra ta liber di piká (2022) approaches the socially constructed stereotypical behaviors related to the idea of women and their abilities, skills, tasks or activities. By putting together excerpts from texts that appear in mass-circulation press articles, religious books and colloquial expressions, the subtext unveils the contradiction between the various mandates that monopolize our collective consciousness in relation to this social role.


Medium: video collage
Duration: 3:16 min

Vesuhely Americaan holds a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Arts  in Utrecht (HKU), the Netherlands. She is also the co-founder of Carrying Narratives, a collective of young writers in Curaçao. Creative writing is an important part of her practice. She often uses writing in her videos, performances, and installations. She is an alumnus of Instituto Buena Bista (IBB). She has also worked at IBB and participated in IBB projects like All You Can Art at Kunsthal Rotterdam. The main themes in her practice are socio-political issues and identity. She believes identity to be fluid, it can change with maturity; a shift in belief, or even the broadening of your frame of reference when living in another country. In her work, there is a constant search for identity, a need to rediscover it, and then creating a new identity. The core of her research is colonial history, a subject she always encounters while trying to understand our concept of identity and our behavior as a collective. Her work is often a commentary on situations she encounters in her daily life. Her signature color palette is black and white in combination with skin colors. She approaches her videos, performances and installations like a collage; she uses repetition, reoccurring personas and/or images as well as layering imagery, text and fabric. With her work she wants to be able to start conversations and open people’s minds to other perspectives. Therefore, the inclusion of people, through interviews and conversations, is essential to her practice. By doing this, through her work, she strives to evoke feelings and awake memories.


Vesuhely lives and works in Curaçao.