Raily Yance
Entropy of the everyday, 2022



Raily Yance participates with the work entitled Entropías de los cotidianos (2022) in which he speculates on human everyday life and its intrinsic relationship with entropy, a scientific concept commonly associated with the organic tendency to the “loss” of order in a system. Raily is interested in tracing entropy through the forms of material objects that are apparently different but share commonalities, as a system that transforms until it ends up being something else entirely. In his work, a GIF composed of drawn images, he identifies from the formal structure of the Pali Lele other objects with which it shares formal and functional similarities.


technique: drawing/GIF
size: 5,20MB/808x1441px

Raily Yance is inspired by a need to address the landscape, he investigates its existence from an admiration of the power of the point and the line, as an element of expression in drawing. Raily studies the relationships between context, object, subject and concept in everyday entropy through drawings and structures.

He obtained his degree in visual arts from Universidad del Zulia. Raily stood out in his career and since 2011 he has been receiving special mentions and awards, such as the FEDA Visual Arts Award (Maracaibo, 2012), Chiara Lubich Award (Maracaibo, 2013), the Artistic Residency Award of the Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Collection in Pivô (São Paulo, 2014), Prêmio Eugenio Mendoza #12+1 (Caracas, 2015) and the regional award at the XII Salon of Young Artists of Zulia (Maracaibo, 2016). Some of his works are displayed in institutional as well as private collections. Raily participated in several group and solo exhibitions, such as a solo exhibition at Maczul (Zulia, 2018), “Abra” (Caracas, 2018), and Producciones (Bucaramanga, Colombia, 2019). He has completed several artist residencies in different countries: Italy, Brazil, Plataforma Cannibal (Colombia, 2018), Ateliers ’89 (Aruba, 2018,2020) and Uniarte (Curaçao, 2019, 2022).

Raily lives and works in Curaçao.