Ginelly Quandt
Experience Inconsistency

Another environment






Experience inconsistency | Experiencia inconsistencia (2022) is the title of Ginelly Quandt’s work in which she explores sonorities to permeate the narrative that seeks to reinforce the idea that there is a distance between the built space (the urban) and the “natural environment”. In this particular work she explores it in relation to the wetland and protected area of Spaans Lagoen, Aruba. Ginelly is interested in thinking about how to create sound experiences that also evidence the accelerated urbanization to which we are subjecting many geographies in pursuit of developmentalism and progress.


medium: soundscape
lenght: Turbulencia 00:01:40min
Otroambiente 00:02:18min

Ginelly Quandt is better known as Ginelly na Kaminda and is a music artist who uses different music elements to create sonorities. Ginelly’s work reflects on the need for identity using different disciplines such as music and field recordings, as well as performance and visuals to explore social issues, nature and human behaviors. Reflecting on her surroundings and contemporary spaces she encounters new thoughts and experiences that give her the inspiration to express herself, connect with others and produce art. After finishing Music-Production in the Netherlands she returned to Aruba, where she got involved with the Rancho  Foundation organizing social-cultural projects and activities in the historic neighborhood of Rancho.

The experience she has gained working in the cultural field of Aruba, has allowed her to engage with the local community and create new content as a multidisciplinary artist. She has participated in research projects with the interdisciplinary art collective Much’i Mondi and has collaborated with local music-producer Chando Held. She has also facilitated in Hip Hop projects like Street Rap Musical | CINE ARUBA and hosted podcasts | Luangofreq297, along with performances and much more.

Ginelly lives and works in Aruba.