Ailsa Anastatia
A longing to reconnect




Ailsa Anastatia addresses through her video installation entitled Un anhelo pa rekonektá. A longing to reconnect (2022) the dynamics of consumption in relation to the production of garbage in insular contexts, the dissolution of individual and collective responsibility as well as its impact on the alteration of the space in which we live. Memory as an affective archive seems to seek in the moving images of the work, those blurred fragments of certain wetlands and lagoons today witnesses of industrialization processes alien to the geographical realities in which it is operating. At times the work only allows us to make out spots of colors absolved of any possibility of making images concrete, with the images of other times when they were wetlands and lagoons.


medium: video installation
dimensions: site specific
duration: 2:21 (Loop)

Ailsa Anastatia is a multidisciplinary artist. In her works she reflects on the human species and its interaction with its surrounding space. She examines these in relation to land(scapes), architecture, the spaces we live in and recently she explores socio-political “spaces”. She incorporates spirituality, memories, and cultural heritage into her visual narratives.

Ailsa Anastatia began her studies at the Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts, Tilburg, and later continued her studies at the Amsterdam University of the Arts. She participated in local and international group exhibitions, and is currently working on her second Solo exhibition. Her work has been displayed through residencies (CBK Zuid-oost), exhibitions (Open Stal) as well as publiciations (Entangled species by Sasha Dees). During her participation in Atlantic World Art Fair (AWAF) 2022 Anastatia has been selected “Curator’s Choice” by curators Rosie Gordon-Wallace and Albertine Kopp. Apart from her own practice she is an art educator and member of the board of Instituto Buena Bista (IBB). IBB is the center for contemporary art in Curaçao providing creative youth with a two year creative and/or artistic preparatory course and a residency spot for international artists.

Ailsa lives and works in Curaçao.